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Tsomoriri : India’s Highest Brackish Water Lake

Tsomoriri : India’s Highest Brackish Water Lake

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Tsomoriri is a lake in Changthang in Jammu and Kashmir. This lake has an altitude of 4595m. In Trans Himalayan Bio geographic region, it is the largest of the high altitude lakes. On the western side of this lake Zanskar is situated, on the eastern side Tibet and on the other side’s Ladakh is situated. In India it is the highest brackish water lake.


What to see at Tsomoriri: This is accessible only during the summer season. In all other seasons’ snow is bounded at this place. Changthang Plateau is the home to several snowky peaks.  These snow peaks feeds the lakes. Springs also fee this lake. Majorly two streams feed this lake. One stream comes from southwest and other comes from north. Until 1959, salt used to extract from the lake by the locals. Nature of this lake is oligotrophic and alkaline.


An interesting story says by the local regarding the name of the lake. Once Tsomo nun crossing the lake on the yak, which started to drown but she managed to make her way to the shore. After reaching the shore, Tsomo shouted as ri ri which means come here. From then onwards, name of this lake became Tsomoriri.  This place is famous for Avifauna and Flora. According to the survey conducted in July 1996, 14 water birds and 24 normal birds are seen here. Major attractions of this place are Black necked Cranes, bar headed geese, Brown headed Gulls, etc. Major fauna attractions are Lynx, Bharal, Tibetan Ass, Great Tibetan sheep, etc.


What to see around Tsomoriri:

Zanskar River: Area of this river converted into U shape due to the glaciers. It originates at the north slope of the Great Himalayas.

Zanskar Valley:  This valley is famous for flora. Other attractions of this valley are meadows, streams, Drang Drung Glacier. Trekking conducts here.

Penzella Pass: In the Zanskar Range, it is one of the important grounds. This separates suru valley from Zanskar. Along with suru Valley this also separates the Zanskar from other parts of the Ladakh. Commonly seen animals of this place are Marmots and brown Bears.

Shagma Karphu:  This place is famous for maintaining peaks, Zanskar Valley, sunset and sunrise. Buddhist culture is dominating at this place. By melting the snow, doted marshy lands are formed.

Leh Palace: In 17th century this was acted as royal residence. Victory on the top of the Namgyal hill is another attraction. This tower was built as a mark of victory over Ballti Kashmir armies.

Nubra Valley: It is high altitude desert which is well known for its beauty. This valley separates Karakoram and Ladakh.

Shanti Stupa: It has white domed monument with backdrop of brown mountains.

Stok:  This is famous for its Buddhist Monastery. It also acts as gateway for several trekking activities. This is located 14kms away from Leh.

Magnetic Hill: Due to magnetic force of the hill cars will be pulled upwards. It is 27kms away from Leh.


Getting to Tsomoriri: Only way to reach this place is through road way. Before reaching this place one has to reach Leh. This place can be reached either from Srinagar or from Manali. Both routes are mountain routes. Sometimes these routes will be blocked due to landslides. From Leh, Jeeps and Taxis are available to reach this lake. Bus services to this place are very limited. Nearest railway station is located at Jammu Tawi. Nearest airport is located at Leh.


Getting around Tsomoriri: This place can be explored on foot. Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Tsomoriri.


Best time to visit Tsomoriri: Best time to visit this place is between June to September.


Where to stay in Tsomoriri: During the tourist’s season, tented camps are available to stay at Korzok village. Similar tents are available at Nubra Valley. Paying guests facility is also available at this valley.


Where to eat in Tsomoriri: Locals serve homemade food. At the lake place restaurants cannot be seen. While visiting to this lake it is advisable to carry food.

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