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Purana Qila

Purana Qila

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Purana Qila means Old Fort. This was constructed during the regime of Pandavas i.e 5000 years ago. Some people believe that this was constructed by Sher Shah Suri an Afghan Ruler. It is located in Delhi. Several architectural styles can be seen here such as Mughal, Afghani, and Hindu. Lodi style of architecture is also found on this fort. Other name of this fort is Qila –i- Kuhna Masjid. 3 huge gates are located in the directions of west, South and North. Names of these gates are Humayun Darwaza, Talaqi Darwaza, and Bada Darwaza. During the time only Bad Darwaza and Humayun Darwaza are used for the entry into the fort. But now only Bada Darwaza is using for the entry into the Fort. Talaqi Darwaza is never used for anything. So it is named as Talaqi. Talaqi means forbidden.


Other attractions in the fort are Qila Kuhna Masjid, Kairul Manzil, and Sher Mandal. Museum is located in the fort. In that museum artifacts of Moghul era can be seen. Some other attractive places to the visitors to see near the fort are Nizamuddin’s Shrine, Nila Gumbad. Timings to visit this place is between 8 AM to 6 PM.


What to see in Purana Qila:

Sher Mandal: This was built with Mughal architectural techniques. This is the personal library of Sher Shah Suri. Now it is under redesigning stage. So tourists are not allowing to visit this place.

Qila Kuhna Masjid: Prayer hall in the masjid has 5 doors. Shape of these doors is horseshoe. This was built with marble and sandstone.

Delhi Zoo:  Several types of birds and animals can be seen here. Battery vehicles will be provided to see the Zoo. Area covered by this zoo is 176 acres. It is estimated that 130 species of birds and 1350 animal species are staying in this zoo.


What to see around Purana Qila:

Jantar Mantar: This was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh II between 1699 to 1743. This look like gallery of modern art on the first seeing but it is just an observatory. It is located 5 kms away from Purana Qila.

Red Fort: On the Independence Day Prime minister of India addresses the nation from this fort. In the history this place is having prominent place i.e.  At the end of first war of independence Bhadur Shah Zafar was arrested at this place. 10 Kms away from Purana Qila.

Rashtrapati Bhawan:  Area occupied by this bhawan is 130 hectares. Earlier this was used as Viceregal Lodge. In this palace there are 340 rooms. Expenditure for the construction of this palace is 12, 53,000 pound sterling’s. 5 Kms away from Qila.

India Gate: It was constructed by Edwin Lutyens in the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in First World War. It is located 8 Kms away from Purana Qila.


Getting to Purana Qila:  Delhi is well connected with Road ways, Railways and Airways. Both Government and private buses are available to reach this place. Delhi is connected with best railways and airways. There are 3 main bus stands in Delhi. They are Anand Vihar Bus terminus, Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminus and Interstate Bus Terminus. 3 important railway stations are Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station, Old Delhi Railway station, New Delhi Railways station.


Getting around Purana Qila: Visitors have to see the fort on foot. Vehicles are not allowed into the fort. Areas surrounding the Purana Qila can be visited by using taxis, cars and autos’.


Best time to visit purana Qila: Best to time to visit the fort is between October to March.


Where to stay in Purana Qila: Inside the fort no accommodation is available. In Delhi several hotels are available to stay.


Where to eat in Purana Qila: Visitors has to carry food and water. Food is not available inside the fort.

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