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Vijayawada is a city in Andhra Pradesh, India. Other name of this place is Bezawada. In 639 there was a Buddhist Monastery. At this monastery Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang stayed here. During 7th century of Eastern Chaulukya there are 5 rock cut temples at this place.


What to see in Vijayawada:

Kanaka Durga Temple: This is the major attraction of this place. It is located on Indrakiladri Temple. Goddess Kanaka Durga is worshipped here. According to Hindu Mythology, King Arjun attained Pasupatha astra at this place. After attaining astra he constructed this temple. As per Veda this was Swayambhu Temple.

Bhavani Island: This is the best recreation spot at this place. This Island is one of the largest river Islands. Major attractions of this place are Manicured gardens, mangroves and Boating.

Prakasham barrage: Tourists who visits this place can have the best view of Krishna River. This barrage connect Krishna and Guntur district. Construction of this barrage started in 1852 ended in 1855.

Besant Road: This is the best place for shopping lovers. Modern eateries, restaurants, cinema halls can be seen here.

Mogalarajapuram Caves: These are famous for 5 rock cut sanctuaries. Sanctuaries dates back to 5th century.

Gundala Matha Shrine: This shrine is well known as Mary Matha Shrine. It is located on the top of the hill. Annual Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes celebrates so grandly at this place. This church consists of a museum. Collection of holy relic’s dates back to ancient period can be seen at this museum.

Lenin Statue: This statue symbolises the ideology of communism. Major attraction of this place is 25years old statue of Karl Marks.

Other attractions of Vijayawada: Other attractions of Vijayawada are Sri Nagarala Sri Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru Temple, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Marataka Rajarajeswari Temple, Gandhi Hill, Victoria Museum.


What to see around Vijayawada:

Undavalli Caves: These caves are located in Undavalli which is 9kms away from Vijayawada. These caves belong to 4th and 5th century. Of all the caves, largest cave is 4 storied. At this cave single block of Granite statue of Lord Vishnu can be seen here.

Kondapalli Fort: It is located 22kms away from Vijayawada in Kondapalli village. Tanisha Mahal is the major attraction of this fort. There are 3 entry gates to this fort.

Kondapalli Forest: It is located 32kms away from Vijayawada. Major attractions of this place are Wolves, Wild Boar, Jackals, Wild dogs, Leopards etc.

Mangalagiri: It is located 15kms away from Vijayawada. This place is one of the 8 important Mahashetrams in India. Major attraction of this place is Sri Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple. It is the oldest Vaishnavite Temple in entire south India.

Amaravati: it is located 38kms from this city. This place is famous for Amareswara Temple. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. At this place great Buddhist Stupa of Pre- Mauryan time. Other attraction of this place is Mahachaitya Stupa.


Getting to Vijayawada: Vijayawada is well connected with road, railways and airways. From all the major cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Tirupati, Chitoor, etc buses come to this place. Vijayawada is one of the major railway heads. From all the major cities trains come to this place. Airport is located 20kms away from city centre at Gannavaram. This airport is well connected to Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam.


Getting around Vijayawada: Buses, Autos are available to visit the places of Vijayawada. Buses and Private vehicles are available to visit the surrounding places of Vijayawada.


Best time to visit Vijayawada: Best time to visit this place is between October to March. Summer at this place is too hot.


Where to stay in Vijayawada: Plenty of hotels including luxury hotels are available to stay at Vijayawada. Apart from Hotels, resorts are also available to stay. Best hotels at this place are Haailand Resort, Continental Park Hotel, Manorama Hotel, Ilapuram Hotel.


Where to eat in Vijayawada: Plenty of restaurants are available to eat in Vijayawada. Best restaurants at this place are lotus Food City, Cross Roads, Sree Lakshmi Vilas Modern Cafe, Minerva Coffee shop.

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