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Bihar, North India, Fort, History

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  • Date Posted: Apr 10, 2014
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  • Address: Samastipur

Samastipur is a district in Bihar, India. It is situated on the banks of river Budhi Gandak. This place is famous for several temples.


What to see at Samastipur:

Thaneshwar Temple: This is the major attraction of Samastipur town. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. It is located at the heart of the city. In this temple complex other temples are Hanuman Mandir, Kali Mandir, Ganesh Mandir, Ram Mandir, Shiva Mandir.

Musrigharari: It is located 8kms away from Samastipur. Major attraction of this place is celebration of Muharram and Durga Puja. Thousands of people visit this place during these celebrations.

Mangalgarh: It is located 14kms away from Hasanpur Block of Samastipur. Earlier name of this place is Budhpura. This is named after Lord Buddha. At the request of King Mangaldeo, Lord Buddha preached Buddhism for some time and stayed here.

Jageshwar Asthan: This temple dates back to Mughal Period. Lord Shiva is worshipped here. It is located 15kms away from Narhan Railway station. This temple is located in Bibhutipur village. Jageshwar Devi built this temple. She was the daughter of Bhaw Mishra, the Vaidya of the Narhan Estate.

Khatushyam Mandir: It is located in Samastipur. Lord Krishna is worshipped here. Janmashtami festival celebrates so grandly.

Vidyaptinagar: This place is named after Vidyapati. He is most popular Maithili Poet. His intention is die at River Ganga. When he came to know that his death is nearby he started walking towards the river but he was unable to reach that place. So River Ganga came to him to fulfil his wish.

Mannipur Temple: Goddess Durga is worshipped here. This is situated in the village Jitwarpur which is 2kms away from district headquarters of Samastipur. Dusserha festival celebrates so grandly at this place.

Narhan Estate: Earlier it was the capital of Dronwar Kingdom. At that time several Bridges, temples, forts constructed here. It is located 28kms away from the district headquarters.

Mordiwa: It is located in Samastipur block which is 7kms away from district headquarters.

Other attractions of Samastipur: Other attractions of Samastipur are kharahia, Pitaunjia, Vidyapati Nagar, Pusa, Kali Temple – Waini, Mahamada, Basuari, Manika, Kariyan, Malinagar, Deopar, etc.


What to see around Samastipur:

Vaishali: It is one of the district of Bihar which is situated on the west side border of Samastipur district. Name of this district is derived from King Vishal of Mahabharata period. Major attractions of this place are Ashoka Pillar, Bawan Pokhar Temple, Abhiskek Pushkarn, Raja Vishal Ka Garh etc.

Muzaffarpur: It is situated on the banks of river Burhi Gandak. It is one of the gateways to Nepal. Muzaffarpur Attractions are Shri Ram Temple, Baba Garibnath Temple, Jubba Sahni Park, Khudi Ram Bose Memorial, Kali Mata Temple, Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple. This place is located son the east side of the district.


Getting to Samastipur: Samastipur is well connected with buses and railways. From Surat, Dehradun, Patna, Delhi, Ranchi, Salem, Bangalore etc buses come to this place. It is divisional headquarters of Northern Eastern Railways. It has direct rail links with Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Patna, New Delhi, Calcutta. Nearest airport is located at Patna which is 91kms away from Samastipur. Name of this airport is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan international airport. Buses and Taxis are available from this airport to reach Samastipur.


Getting around Samastipur: Buses and taxis are available to visit the surrounding places of Samastipur.


Best time to visit Samastipur: Winter season from November to February is the best time to visit this place. Monsoons are not much comfortable to travel to this place. Summer at this place is too hot.


Where to stay in Samastipur: Plenty of accommodation options are available to stay at this place. Best hotels of this place are Hotel Sandhya, Swarg Hotel, Shivam Hotel.


Where to eat in Samastipur: Plenty of eateries and restaurants are available at Samastipur. Kalash restaurant is the best restaurants in Samastipur town.

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