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Majuli is a largest river Island in the world. It is situated in Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. Due to the courses of changes by River Brahmaputra and its tributaries this Island was formed. Since 16th century, this is the cultural Capital for the Assame Civilisation. 23 villages located in this Island. For learning Neo Vaishnavite Philosophy this is the good centre.


What to see in Majuli:

Kamalabari Satra: It is one of the famous sightseeing’s of the River Island. This place is famous for Classic studies, literature, Culture and Art. It was established by Bedulapadma Ata.

Garmur: Main attraction of Manjuli is Garmur. During the establishment of this structure, separate structures are built for different purposes. Major attractions of this place are Bortop articles and artefacts. This was founded by Lakshmikantadeva as Vaisnavite Centre. Other holy seats are Kamlabari, Daksinpath, and Auniati.

Dakhinpat Satra: This is the cultural centre established by Banamalidev who is the supporter of Raasleela. Rasotsava a prime festival of Assam celebrates very grandly. This celebrates during the full moon day. During this period thousands of devotees come to this place.

Bengennati Satra: This place is having the Cultural Significance. Royal Robe is the major attraction of this place. Along with gold robes, an umbrella of gold is also preserved here. This belongs to Swargadeo Gadadhar Singha, Ahom King.

Auniati Satra: This is famous for Apsara and Paalnam Dance. Best collection of Handicrafts, jewellery, Assamese Utensils can be seen here. This was founded by Niranjan Pathakdeva.

Raja Maidan: This was constructed to house the ashes of King Purandar Sinha. He died on 1st October 1894. This is situated on the south bank of Tocklai River.

Bangalpukhari: This place is associated with historic event of the murder Badan Barphukan. He was the Ahom Governor. It is the tank built by Rupsingh Bangal in 1739. For the construction of this tank he was rewarded largest sum of money. It is situated on the south side of Jorhat City.


What to see around Majuli:

Tengapania: This is located 24kms away from Sibsagar which is well connected with Majuli. Tengapania is best picnic spot. Major attractions of this site are Disangmukh, Machkhoa, and Dhakuakhana.

Bangaori: This is located 8kms away from Shamguri. Bangaori is famous for rich Biodiversity.


Getting to Majuli: Before reaching to this place one has to reach Jorhat which is nearest town of Majuli. Buses and Taxis are available to reach to this place. Ferries have to be used to reach Majuli. Guwahati is well connected with Ferries. Nearest railway station is located at Jorhat. From the railway station buses and railways are available to reach the places of this Island. Rowraih Airport is the nearest airport at Jorhat. This is well connected with Shillong and Kolkata. Ferry has to be used to reach Majuli.


Getting around Majuli: Only way to reach this place is through Ferry. Boat rides can start from any village. Canoes and Small catamarans are available to hire from the villages. Ferry timing from Johrat according to Assam Tourism website is 10.30 AM and 16.00 PM.


Best time to visit Majuli: Best time to visit this place is between October to March. During this season drama and festival performances were held.


Where to stay in Majuli: Very limited accommodations are available to stay in Majuli. Government Inspection Bungalows, Circuit house and Satras are available to stay in Majuli. Prior booking is essential. Other option for staying is at Jorhat Town.


Where to eat in Majuli: Very limited eateries are available to eat in Majuli.

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