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Rajasthan, North India, Fort, Jeep Safari, Khimsar, Nagaur district, Wildlife Sanctuary

Khimsar is a village located in Nagaur district of Rajasthan between Jodhpur and Bikarner. This place is most famous for its fort. It was constructed with the intension to provide strong defence to the villages from invaders. Currently this fort converted into heritage hotel. Other attraction of this place is a water body in the heart of the village which looks like Oasis. Between Jaisalmer and Pushkar this village is the best place to visit. Major festival celebrates here is Nagaur festival. Villagers celebrate this festival during the months of January and February. Major attraction of this festival is Cattle trade.


What to see in Khimsar:

Nagaur Fort: This is the major attraction of this place. It is bigger than Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur. This fort is also known as Khimsar Fort. It was built by Prince Rao Karamasji. He was the 8th son of Rao Jodha. Rao Jodha was the founder of royal dynasty of Khimsar. Prince Rao Karamasji constructed this fort in 1523 with the intension of providing strong defence to the village from invaders. It is very proud to say that though it was constructed before 450 years ago this was still remain new. Women’s section of the fort is known as Zenana. This section is most beautiful with finely carved balconies. Women section was constructed in 18th century. After the construction of this section, Royal family shifted to this fort. At present this was converted into heritage hotel. Row of vintage cars in the palace is so attractions, visitors should not miss to see this place.

Panchala Black Buck Reserve: This is the home town to Demoiselle Cranes. These cranes migrate from North Asia and Southern Europe to this place between October to March. Other 3 attractive species of this place are Blue Bull, Chinkara and Black Buck.

Oasis: It is a water body located at the heart of the village. This is so attractive to the visitors of this place.

Jeep Safari: Visitors can enjoy Jeep Safari in Panchala Black Buck Reserve.

Nila Moti Trust: This was a handicraft institution established by Ms.Monica with the intension to uplift the lives of rural women. Products made by these women are sold in the fort.


What to see around Khimsar:

Osian: Other name of this place is Khajuraho of Rajasthan. Name is kept after the beautiful sculptures located in the temples. This place is most famous for Hindu and Jain Temple. Golden Sand dunes surrounds this place. It is located 65kms away from the village.

Karni Mata temple: This is located at Deshnoke. This temple dates back to 600 years old. Rats move freely in this temple. They appear from marble covered walls and floorings. Several people offer milk and sweets to these rats. Food eaten by these rats is considered as holy and consumed as Prasadam. It takes more than an hour to reach this place.


Getting to Khimsar: Only way to reach this place is through road ways. From Rajasthan and other places buses reach to this place regularly. Nearest railway head is Jodhpur which is 92kms away from the village. This place is well connected with several places such as Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, New Delhi, Jaisalmer etc. Nearest airport is also located at Jodhpur.


Getting around Khimsar: Taxis, Camels and Jeeps are available to visit the surrounding places of Khimsar.


Best time to visit Khimsar: Best time to visit Khimsar is between October to March.


Where to stay in Khimsar: Persons who wants to have experience as Royal family they can stay in the fort. At the outskirts of the village some huts are provided for the visitors of this fort to stay with backdrop of sand dunes.


Where to eat in Khimsar: Best option to have food in Khimsar is fort itself. This offers Continental, North Indian and Rajasthani cuisines.

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